Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creativity Website links

Courtesy of Josh Mahaney, a student in CRS 594 Creative Teaching & Learning Course:

Reddit is a social news website. Users who register on this site have the ability to upvote or downvote a story that is submitted by any other user. The users also have the ability to submit stories of their choice. Based on how high a news story has been upvoted it will be ranked, and more likely to be closer or on the front page of the website. Basically, the highest voted submitted story at the time will be on the front page as long as it is being continuously upvoted, and based on those votes will be the order of the submissions. Usually creativity is awarded by a larger number of user upvotes if the submission has some creative element. By my estimate, most submissions have a creative aspect, even if its a submission of a news story and only the title needs some kind of creative manipulation.

Ted talks is a website that hosts a variety of talks on a number of subjects. Some subjects or things presented in the talks are newly invented products or ideas, so these videos and website are a forum for creative people to present their own creative contribution. There are a few talks on creativity itself.
Autodesk is a software application meant for those in any kind of design field. It creates physical models in virtual space and other kinds of constructs that are for those trying to innovate with new products. I first heard about this website and companion software programs on MIT's Technology Review titled "Design Fundamentals" with the subtitle "Tools and techniques to foster innovation" here: The link provided introduces the programs mentioning design often, and in some cases using the term
"design" can be swapped with "creativity". Those creating creative products that use this software find it useful and it is the standard among many engineering firms.
I first heard about the creators project when I read a news release from Intel which specified this as a "unprecedented celebration of creativity and technology". The press release ennumerates the vision, that those with a passion and creative talent can marry it with technology to create and demonstrate and integrated show of their talents. For example, there is a dancing in the light, and audiovisual performance on film.
The most common view of the website 4chan is that it is the most popular imageboard on the internet. The strength of this website is the submissions are based on anonymity. I have not visited this site very often, but read in a news article ( on how the moderator and creator of the website argues it is a breeding ground for creativity. The idea that images can be manipulated using artistic talent and posed online with anonymity allows for people to express their creativity in one of the most unbridled, raw way possible using those means.

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