Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last of the Creativity Week Website Links!

Courtesy of Darcey Pawlewski, a student in CRS 594 Creative Teaching & Learning Course:

For Educators:

1. Teaching thinking and creativity:
This website is actually from a paper written in 2006 but it does include a description on the author’s point of view what creativity is and his view of the benefits of creativity. Included in this webpage are various activities which can be utilized in the classroom with young children. This is an exciting discovery for me because the activities are readily available to be used and do not need to be modified.

2. National Network for Child Care:
This website is a source for people to use on-line to share information and resources about children with one another. This particular article talks about the importance of creativity in the child’s life and some tips for how to introduce creativity to children. Although this particular article is not extremely evident to have a strong creativity background I feel that the main home web site as a whole could be beneficial in conducting research or staying up to date on information.

3. Introduction to Creative Thinking
What a great way to possibly introduce someone to creative thinking! This educator of over 25 years created a website to discuss creative thinking, what it is, how to help facilitate creative thinking and even touches on creative problem solving. The author also has links to other creativity related websites.

4. Gifted and Creative Services Australia
This center is located in Australia but it has information about and for children, parents, and adults. The web page gives the viewer opportunity to see other resources and articles on the creativity and gifted topics. Visual thinking is also a major portion of the webpage. Some of the useful links include resources on disabilities as well as links to informational resources such as the ERIC database.

For Children:
1. The Comic Book Project
You can visit this website if you are interested in teaching and reinforcing literacy in a new and exciting way! Kids can create their own comic books to show their understanding of a given topic or theme. The theme for this year is “History Goes Comic!”. Students can work in groups and teachers can purchase a classroom set for 25 students. The price is $199.

1. Teaching Thinking and Creativity
This is a magazine that you can subscribe to (originates in Birmingham) but would be a great resource to anyone who has to do with education. This web site not only offers resources such as magazines or journals but also gives technological resources and web based resources also! This is just a great resource chalk full of many different wonderful resources!

2. WOW! The Bay Area Discovery Museum
This amazing museum is just amazing! There are many different activities that you can do with your family at the large museum! Children are able to learn through discovery and exploration and there are also programs set up to attend.

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