Monday, April 18, 2011

More Creativity Links!

Courtesy of Scott Hilbert, a student in CRS 594 Creative Teaching & Learning Course:

The journal of experimental education

This address is not working as a hyperlink so you may have to just copy and paste it into your browser bar. I like this article because it shows an historical perspective of our study, it was written in 1966. It also includes semantics as a part of the study. I like this website because it contains links to archived journals, not all of which contain creativity information, but I am certain that over 40 years of articles there may be some to be found.

• Creative Learning and Students’ Perspectives Research Project

This is the final report of the Creative Learning and Students’ Perspectives Research Project or (CLASP). In this article you can find the results of a study of increased creative education in schools in Europe. It is a lengthy article; however it is helpful because it talks about effective techniques, and obstacles that need to be overcome in order for this idea to work. It also shows budget expenditures. I am becoming increasingly interested in this project and intend to investigate this one further as my chosen source for the assignment.

• Creative Thinking Rubric from Kansas
This is one of the sites that is not full of information, but since I found it, I thought that someone may find the example rubric to be helpful

• Creative engagements, thinking with children
I did not find a lot of good information on this web site, but I still included it because it may be of interest to some of our students looking to submit an article to this cause. I also liked the structure of the seminar because it looks quite a bit like this class does.

• Developing Innovation in Education
I included this article on innovation because I found it to be relevant to what we are learning. As you look through the article you will see a section titled “Seeing with fresh eyes, asking new questions”. Does the sound familiar? There is also a section about the rise of creativity and how teachers must engage students in problem solving to help promote creativity.

• Creative Learning Experiences: European Experiences
This is a sales page for the book entitled Creative Learning Experiences: European Experiences edited by Bob Jeffrey. As a part of the CLASP project nine research groups across Europe explored creative learning practices in a variety of different educational situations, and disclosed their findings in this book. It also identifies several traits of creative learning itself, which I though may be interesting to compare to what we are learning. I also liked this site because it has several links, on of which is one to the CLASP project.

• Emerging Practices in Entrepreneurship Education for Creatives
This a page on the Art Design Media Subject Center website talks about creative enterprise education. This is apparently an establishment that supports higher education in the arts. The focus of the page that I included is to increase entrepreneurship in the arts area creatively. I liked this site because of the description it provided for this course, as well as links to courses and course study PDFs that may serve as good examples. It also provides a link to the Creative Warriors, a group also interested in the same goal as the course.

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