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Website Searches related to Creative Teaching and Learning

Courtesy of Matthew Worwood, a student in CRS 594 Creative Teaching & Learning Course:
Finland has served as a role model for western education systems during the last decade. During the 90s an economic disaster forced the country to examine its manufacturing based economy. The result was a transformation to a knowledge-based economy and a focus toward technology and innovation. Aalto University is an example of continued innovative ideas emerging from Finland, merging the school of economics, school of art and design, and school of technology. I selected this program/Web site because I am confident that this program will support and develop the current tradition of creativity and innovation coming from Finland. I am also aware of a similar project currently underway at a US university. I believe that integrating disciplines, sharing ideas and implementing innovative education ideas will lead to future innovation.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big -- and to turn their ideas into reality.” This statement communicates the connection and relevance of this project to creativity. Its success is demonstrated after 8,277 organizations around the world, planned events during Global Entrepreneurship Week. This Web sites serves as the central hub for this program, sharing ideas, promoting upcoming events and communicating statistics to the project. A global movement designed to unleash ideas. I selected this Web site rather then defaulting to Great resources and information to get involved.

Making another reference to Finland, this Web site is produced by a leader and beneficiary of Finland’s transformation to a knowledge-based economy, Nokia. The mobile technology company provides challenges to the global community related to innovation in digital technologies with a cash prize. Granted, another challenge Web site, but with a focus to wireless services. Stephen Johnson explores how the Internet, and a connected world, promotes idea sharing that leads to innovation. A win for Nokia, but also a win for a technology sector that provides an opportunity to share and receive ideas in a single second. I believe that digital technologies have spurred the latest desire and interest in creativity referenced in Sue’s PowerPoint presentation in 2005. Technology is also an important aspect of 21st Century Skills.

As a distinguished Apple Educator this is a difficult Web site to reference, but Microsoft are funding the ‘Imagine Cup’. An initiative that acknowledges students around the world, have ideas. A particular focus for me is the The Imagine Cup Solve This program, which challenges students to develop solutions for real-world problems submitted by IGOs, NGOs and non-profits. There is a library of current issues that can be explored and developed in a project-based learning environment that I feel would work in most classrooms, whatever the subject.
Entrepreneurial ideas from developing nations with ordinary people like you and I. Rather then donating money to charity, KIVA provides an opportunity for you to invest in a creative idea from an individual wanting to start their own business. This is a creative way to support the fight against poverty, and is in my mind an absolute definition of a creative idea! I respect any Web site that promotes and shares creative ideas, but KIVA takes it a step further by adding this charitable aspect to the project. An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea that has financial worth, often these ideas are new and useful to society. Since its creation over half a million entrepreneurs have been funded through the program, and an unbelievable 98% have paid back their initial investment! Clearly a lot of ideas have come into fruition from this Web site.
We all know ebay, but etsy is the ebay of creativity! Thousands of creative products have been developed and sound through this Web site. I love this Web site purely because I feel that many creative hobbies and crafts have provided a modest income to some very creative and artistic people. Definitely a Web site for those with a creative ability in artistic design, but for anyone who respects creativity I high recommend a quick tour!

Perhaps a little self-serving after a program I work on has received significant funding from this initiative, but the Investing in Innovation (i3) grant is designed to fund innovative ideas in education that promote creativity and innovation in our future generation. Part of Obama’s Blue Print for Reform, I’m confident that ‘If’ implemented as designed, this program has the ability to scale up projects in education that will be extremely beneficial to all those who respect creativity!
Unlocking Creativity: A Strategy for Development (A plan to basicially make a more creative society)

Another site worth investigation - especially for those interested in Creative Problem Solving.

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