Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Website Searches related to Creative Teaching and Learning

Courtesy of Courtney Belluccio, a student in CRS 594 Creative Teaching & Learning Course:


I thought this website was cool…just the opening creativity with accountability alone speaks volumes. There are tools available, conferences, awards, readings, etc. Even the blue sky bar is aesthetically pleasing. Now they are just showing off with things like: “The American Creativity Association (ACA) is the national organization of professionals in the field of creativity. Through its programs and services, it offers individuals and organizations opportunities for learning, professional development and networking. It is dedicated to enhancing the use of creativity throughout our society for the betterment of the human condition.” How sad, their Buffalo contact information is out of date and the Buffalo link is an expired link. How fun would it be to be a creativity conference planner?

We can not overlook where it all originates for us, and look – I’m on the home page – second gal on the left. How cool – Jonathan Vehar gives us a free webinar from the Buff state page - https://newandimproved.sharefile.com/d/s525e447ed1349108 This web page focuses on how Buffalo works to make us creative leaners and teachers. Ok no way, I just created a twitter account and could not find much on creativity…they have a twitter account! - ICSC.


Now this is insane, I wish I had more time to spend on the Internet, no actually I wish I could just touch the computer and absorb the information or read like the robot in Short Circuit, I digress. So you could type anything you want in this website and get articles…putting it all in the Internet and for the low low price of service at home everything is at our fingertips…how can you not call that working to make us creative learners of the future?

Hmm, interesting. Kids are challenged to solve problems and use the Internet to share pictures, websites, chat rooms, and even videoconferencing to communicate them with other kids all over the world. It’s just amazing what our youth can do, and how simple and innocent they are. What a great idea to nurture creativity and a sense of community and civic responsibility in this large world.


Sternberg has a website, speaking of his buying low and selling high, with the Center for Development and Learning. There are several initiatives listed on this website – leading for learning, right from birth, etc. There are 24 tips for developing creativity that are quite useful. It reminds me of how when we were kids our parents wouldn’t let us accept something…because we were quick and wanted to get it done….they were pushing us and encouraging us to grow and build our imaginations and creativity.

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